Downdraft Electric Range – What’s Cool About it?

Have you ever experienced near suffocation in your kitchen due to the smoke that the dish you are cooking produced? Or maybe you were in a hurry for some important meeting yet you need to cook something fast, and voila, just after ten minutes of standing in front of your range, you already smelled of garlic, onions, and a cornucopia of kitchen odors you would surely be ashamed of. All these can be avoided if you have a downdraft electric range in your kitchen. That’s right. By having a downdraft electric range, unwanted odors can be eliminated; then your worries would be over.

Before anything else, a downdraft electric range is like having a range and an overhead hood in a single appliance. It is very common to find an overhead hood in the kitchen that would capture smoke, steam, and other odors. This means that you would need to buy two separate items – the range, and the overhead hood. However, if you have a downdraft electric range, you are assured of having everything in a single unit.

Normally, ranges would have several burners or maybe hot plates on top. With a downdraft electric range, you have a downdraft cooking surface that has a grill assembly, an open bay which you have the option to use a coil or an element cartridge. In fact, most downdraft electric ranges are beautifully designed and artistically made that you would have no problem integrating it into your kitchen. It would surely match the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Every downdraft electric range comes with an oven where you could prepare desserts such as a delightfully delicious chocolate cake, roasted meat for special occasions such as birthdays, during the Christmas season, or Thanksgiving. The convection system integrated into an electric downdraft range also gives you some peace of mind that your dish would be evenly cooked which would surely satisfy your family’s or visitors’ palates.

One well-known maker of downdraft electric ranges is Jenn-Air. They have different models of downdraft electric ranges, and it is with certainty that you could find one to your liking. The ranges also come in different colors that you would not find a hard time matching it with the elegant design of your kitchen.

Now, why bother securing a range and an overhead hood for capturing kitchen odors, when you can find both features in an elegant looking downdraft electric range? Surely, space, time, and resources are saved if you have a downdraft electric range. No more need to turn on two appliances at once, yet odors are eliminated from the kitchen. Now, this is really cool, right?

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