Wolf Gas Range – Choosing the Right Size

A fine piece of equipment in the kitchen, Wolf gas range has been trusted by many for decades with its presence seen in homes and restaurants. Its durability, elegance, and functionality make it a primary choice by most homeowners and restaurateurs. These gas ranges come in a variety of sizes that often it becomes hard to choose which one would be just right.

A Wolf gas range comes in different sizes that you can always find the right one for your cooking needs. There is a 30” gas range that is simply perfect for home use. It has the essential features that you are most likely to look for in any gas range such as the infrared oven broiler where you can cook your desired dish using infrared radiation. It also comes with convection baking, for you to easily prepare luscious desserts such as cakes and cookies. And you have dual brass surface burners for cooking your favorite casseroles and other dishes.

If you need a larger 36” Wolf gas range, you can easily identify it by its control knobs which are all red in color. This is also a trademark of a Wolf gas range. Their 36” series have a convection oven, along with an infrared broiler. Now your kitchen is fortified with six dual burners where you can have a blast while cooking your favorite dishes. The 36” Wolf gas range can always impress anybody with its professional look, making you feel like a chef about to prepare his specialty every time.

Who would not fall in love with the 48” Wolf gas range? In fact, you can always find this range as the initial choice of many. With six dual burners and some room for customization, this Wolf gas range normally captures the attention of anybody. It has all the basic gas range features that you would like to have. Some options for you are a French top, infrared broiler, and also an infrared griddle. Now with all these laid before you, it is no longer something to wonder about why so many like this particular gas range.

If you would like the biggest of all Wolf gas ranges, then you must settle for a 60” Wolf gas range. With this present in your kitchen, how can you resist cooking all those wonderful dishes that you have been dreaming of? You can easily customize this unit in order to match your preferences. You get two convection ovens that would give you the pleasure of preparing several desserts for your family at the same time.

A Wolf gas range would always have something to offer that would be perfect for your needs. Whatever size of gas range you will choose, you will surely not regret choosing a Wolf gas range.

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